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Dandelion Wine Happiness Machine

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The Happiness Machine – Nourish-n-Cherish
    Mar 30, 2016 · The Happiness Machine In one story track of the Dandelion Wine, one of the characters, Leo Auffman, sets out to create a Happiness Machine after listening to low-spirited conversations among the old. Grandpa Spaulding, does let us know early in the process not to wait for the thing with bated breath, but we do.

Dandelion Wine: Chapters 12–13 SparkNotes
    In Leo's case, his family life, the love of his wife and children, is sacred, and the changes that his Happiness Machine made in the way his family lived threatened to pull it apart. The magic of summer is to bring families together out in the open air, and his machine threatened that solidarity.

The Happiness Machine - Doug Barnes
    Dec 26, 2016 · The Happiness Machine Ray Bradbury's classic book titled Dandelion Wine has a tantalizing quote on a happiness machine. I was struck by the applicability of this quote to bicycling.

"The Happiness Machine" by Ray Bradbury The Saturday ...
    Aug 21, 2010 · To celebrate Ray Bradbury’s 90th birthday we are reprinting “The Happiness Machine,” a story that was printed in his 1957 novel Dandelion Wine. This tale of discovery follows a determined man’s quest to produce happiness. He ends up finding sorrow until he realizes what real happiness is. Read “The Happiness Machine” by Ray Bradbury.

Is the Happiness Machine Here Today? Cognizant
    I have been re-reading Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine recently. A character – Leo Auffman – invents a "Happiness Machine". When humans interact with it, the Happiness Machine will know, and cater to all their wants, needs, desires, and pleasures – automatically. At one point, Auffman declares "Sometimes you got to build for others.

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