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Dandelion Wine Synopsis

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Dandelion Wine: Summary SparkNotes
    Dandelion Wine Douglas Spaulding is a twelve-year-old boy living in Green Town, Illinois. The summer starts with Douglas coming to the realization that he is alive, and he rejoices in the beauty of everything around him. The dandelion wine that he makes with his ten year old brother Tom and his grandfather represents that beauty.Cited by: 1

Dandelion Wine Summary SuperSummary
    Dandelion Wine (1957) is a coming-of-age novel by Ray Bradbury, best known as one of the fathers of speculative fiction. The story follows Douglas Spaulding, a twelve-year-old boy who lives in Waukegan, Illinois, known colloquially as “Green Town.”. The title is a reference to a wine made out of dandelion petals, which Spaulding’s grandfather brews while relating it to a metaphor for the process of packing the essence of summer into a bottle.

Dandelion Wine Summary -
    Dandelion Wine is perhaps the most autobiographical of his novels. Elements of Bradbury can be seen in both Douglas Spaulding and his younger brother, Tom. Green Town, on Lake Michigan, …

Dandelion Wine (Green Town, #1) by Ray Bradbury
    Dandelion Wine is a fictionalized story of Ray Bradbury’s own childhood growing up in Waukegan, Illinois in 1920s. We follow Douglas, a young boy, growing up in Green Town, IL and the novel centers around the events of a summer in his childhood. This is a breathtakingly poignant, melancholic novel.4.1/5

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