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Débourbage WineScience Wine Glossary
    Débourbage is the French term for ‘pre- clarification ’. This is a clarification step of the must of white wine before fermentation. The particles in the must are allowed to sink to the bottom of the tank and are subsequently removed. This sediment of solid particles is called ‘ bourbes ’.

Debourbage - International Wine Report
    Debourbage Refers to a process in which the must of a white wine is allowed to settle before racking off the wine, this process reduces the need for filtration or fining.

Debourbage Wine Term - Wine Glossary by
    Debourbage September 4, 2014 A process that eliminates the need for filtration. Wine is allowed to settle prior to racking.

débourbage French to English Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
    Wine / Oenology / Viticulture. French term or phrase: débourbage. La technique de débourbage la plus simple consiste en une décantation statique des jus, le plus souvent après un enzymage pour hydrolyser les composés pectiques qui maintiennent une trop grande viscosité des jus et empêchent la clarification spontanée.

Glossary of winemaking terms - Wikipedia
    French for "yellow wine", a wine fermented and matured under a yeast film that protects it, similar to the flor in Sherry production. Vinimatic An enclosed fermentation tank with rotating blades that operates similar to a cement mixer with the propose of maximizing extraction during maceration and minimizing the potential for oxidation .

débourbage amarchinthevines
    Sep 07, 2019 · Therefore the infant wines pass through actions known as débourbage and délestage. Débourbage is where the juice is run off from the cuve leaving the marc behind, the sludge of skins and stems. The juice goes into another cuve where fermentation will …

Champagne wine making settling of the frashly pressed ...
    Débourbage is the settling of the freshly pressed grape juice prior to fermentation, so as to produce wines with the purest expression of fruit. The next stage is ‘débourbage’ (literally ‘de-sludging’): the process of allowing solids (particles of skin, pips, etc) to settle to the bottom of the juice.

Debourbage – The Real Review
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