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Eu Wine Regulations Third Country Wine

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Third Country Still Wine - non Geographical Origin
    E U Wine Regulations Third Country Wine This information is provided for guidance and is not definitive. Legal sources Regulation 491/2009 and Regulation 607/2009 Wine Standards Branch August 2009 Third Country Wine with Geographical Indication . These details must be visible on a label without having to turn the bottle • Wine/country

Labelling still wine from Third Countries
    third country. ‘’ • ‘Blend from [stating countries]’ Blended wines from separate countries would not normally be able to show a vine variety unless all the grape varieties are specified on the...

EUR-Lex - l21303 - EN - EUR-Lex
    Compulsory items on labels The labelling of wine, including all table wines, quality wines produced in a specified region (quality wines psr), liqueur wines, all sparkling wines and wines from third countries, must provide the following information: the sales designation of the product (the information will vary depending on the wine);

    UK for third country wine, or at the consignees’ tax warehouse for EU wine. Also controls all wine-making activities when these are carried out in tax warehouses. Details are issued in HMRC Notices 3.3 Authorised officers of these bodies have extensive enforcement powers for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the wine regulations.File Size: 387KB

Importing and exporting wine - GOV.UK
    Consignments of wine exported from GB to the EU are subject to EU third country requirements for wine, including having an EU VI-1 for third country of origin wine exports. There are some...

Labelling of European Union Still Wines Reviewed July 2019 ...
    1. ‘Blend of wines from different countries of the European Union’ or 2. "European Union Wine" Use of grapes harvested elsewhere If wine is made in the UK from grapes harvested in other Member States, the expression must be either: - 1. Wine obtained in UK from grapes harvested in (Member State where harvested) or 2. European Union Wine

What requirements does wine have to comply with to be ...
    Oct 20, 2016 · The European legislation on wine consists of one framework regulation and several implementing regulations for oenological practices, labelling and trade with third countries. The European Commission also provides an overview of the current applicable legislation for wine.

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