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Most Popular Grape Making Wine Germany

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Grape varieties -
    Riesling remains Germany's most important grape variety, with a quarter of the vineyard total planted with it. Other white grape varieties, such as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, are playing an increasing role. read more

Most popular grape varieties in Germany: Riesling is king ...
    The most planted grape is Riesling but nowadays one should also look out for Pinot blanc (Weissburgunder) and Pinot Gris (Grauburgunder). Both of these have increased their surface in recent years and are used to make some very good wines. Three grapes, Riesling, Muller Thurgau and Pinot noir, account for 47% of the total German wine surface.

Germany’s most popular white grapes BKWine Magazine
    Here is the list of the most popular white wine grape varieties in Germany, counted in volume: – Muller thurgau, 14% – Riesling, 13% – Gruner veltliner, 7% – Chardonnay, 5% – Pinot gris (rulander), 4% – Silvaner, 4% – Other, 53% White wine still dominates production but merlot is actually the second most …

4 Most Popular German Wines (varieties And Appellations ...
    Jan 11, 2021 · Riesling most likely hails from the Rhine region of Germany, but it has shown great success in other European wine regions, primary Austria and Alsace, as well as the United States and Australia. However, the best expressions of the grape are thought to be in Germany where Riesling remains the most planted grape variety. Always high in natural acidity, Riesling wines are incredibly …

Bottled wine analysis: Germany's most popular grape varieties
    Bottled wine analysis: Germany's most popular grape varieties. 06/01/2018. How does demand for bottled wines develop at cooperatives, wineries and wine estates with a view to individual grape varieties? A business cycle analysis established by Professor Simone Loose at Hochschule Geisenheim University provides answers:

German Sparkling Wine - the most popular wine in Germany
    Riesling grapes – much the same as in non-sparkling wines – are most frequently used in creating sparkling German wine. They create a floral, yet crisp taste and have pronounced acidity, making it a perfect celebratory alternative to Champagne.

Yes, Germany Does Make Good Red Wine VinePair
    Dec 24, 2017 · Germany’s most heralded red grape is one of the most popular worldwide: Pinot Noir, or Spätburgunder, as it’s known locally. In fact, Germany is the globe’s third-largest producer of Pinot Noir...

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