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Wine Jobs: An Overview of Careers in Wine Wine Folly
    Oct 19, 2015 · Enologist ~$55k. Cellar Master $60k–$80k. Cellar Worker $35k–$40k. Sales and Operations: There are a variety of different jobs besides making wine, and the most important ones for growth are sales and marketing. Operations Director …

Careers in Wine Top Wine Professions - LetItWine
    Let’s start with the most challenging of the professions – the oenologist. It is one of the most important professions in the wine world. This profession follows the stages of wine production from the harvest, choice of grapes and the choice of yeasts used for …

Wine Jobs: A Comprehensive Guide to Careers in Wine
    Jan 28, 2016 · Enology (also often spelled Oenology) is the science of wine production or winemaking. Someone who studies enology will understand the methods and techniques of making wine, will understand fermentation processes, and will have a good grasp of wine microbiology.

Wine Professions Official website
    Wine Professions. The world of Bordeaux wine is a subtle blend of heritage and modernity, loyal to its history and open to the world. 6 100 winegrowers, 300 négociants, 33 wine cooperatives and about 100 brokers make up the wine industry in the Bordeaux region. The Bordeaux wine industry – Gironde’s top employer – is brimming with experts in all the wine-related fields.

10 Coolest Wine-related Jobs HowStuffWorks
    Jun 29, 2011 · 10 Coolest Wine-related Jobs 1: Cooper. Most great wine is aged in wooden barrels, and these barrels have to come from somewhere. A cooper is the... 2: Wine Club Owner/Manager. Wine clubs have become increasingly popular over the years in the United States. After... 3: Wine …

Winemaker Requirements Salary Jobs The Art Career ...
    Winemaking, or enology, is the science of making wine from fruit, usually grapes. Although some may argue that making wine is not an art, most wine lovers and connoisseurs would beg to differ. It often takes some talent, experimentation, and a little luck to create great tasting wine.

Top 12 Careers in Food
    Nov 25, 2020 · Primary duties: Also known as a “wine steward,” a sommelier provides personalized wine recommendations to dining guests based on their preferences, the food they’re eating and other relevant factors. These professionals specialize in understanding how different wines are made and aged, which types and ages are best for certain cuisines and which flavor profiles pair with certain foods, spices …

List of celebrities who own wineries and vineyards - Wikipedia
    Some celebrities may only have "legacy" attachments to the wines that bear their names. One example is the Gallo wine brand MacMurray Ranch, which uses some grapes grown on a California ranch that was once owned by the American actor Fred MacMurray.Under his ownership, the ranch was dedicated mostly to raising horses. After MacMurray died, his family sold most of the land to the Gallo family ...

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